Code of Conduct for the Principal

Significant codes in the conduct of Principal, as perceived and enforced by DM College of Commerce, Imphal, Manipur , are listed under:

  • To uphold and upkeep the ethos of inclusiveness in terms of imparting education in the institution.
  • To protect the collective interest of different sections of the institution so that each and all can perform freely and give their highest for the institution building.
  • To institute, nourish and enforce meting equal treatment to all the stakeholders in the College so that there remains no scope of any discriminatory and disparate practice at any level within the stretch of the College.
  • To uphold and maintain the essence of social justice for all the stakeholders irrespective of their caste, creed, race, sex, or religious identity as within the framework of Indian Constitution.
  • To create and maintain an unbiased gender-free atmosphere within the periphery of the College so that all the stakeholders enjoy equal opportunities.
  • To create an environment conducive for research oriented academic parleys and thus promote research activities in the institution to add further to the knowledge pool. 11. To promote and maintain the practice of extra-curricular activities amongst the students and other human resources of the institution and thus adds to the societal dynamism simile to essence-of-life. 13. To promote and maintain harmonious relationships of the College with the adjoining society in order to ensure spontaneous flourish and prosperity of all the students of the institution.

Code of Conduct for the Teachers

The teachers of this College should follow the code of conduct laid down in Manipur Government Service Rules . But they are also subject to the guidelines provided by UGC for college teachers. As per UGC guidelines whoever adopts teaching as a profession assumes the obligation to conduct himself /herself in accordance with the ideals of the profession. A teacher is constantly under the scrutiny of his students and the society at large. Therefore, every teacher should see that there is no incompatibility between his precepts and practice. The national ideals of education must be his/her own ideals. The basic ethical values underlying the code are care, trust, integrity and respect; embodying those aspects relevant to the teacher, who is entrusted with social responsibility.

Code of Conduct for the Students

  • Students should come in proper College uniform.
  • Every student of the college must keep in his/her possession an up-to-date Identity Card duly signed by the College Authority during the College hours.
  • Smoking/drinking/use of drugs is strictly prohibited inside the College Campus.
  • Students must maintain a high standard of morality and discipline and must follow Rules and Regulations of the College.
  • Regularity and punctuality is compulsory.
  • Any form of Ragging is strictly prohibited in the College Campus.
  • Assaulting, harassing, intimidating or threatening another individual or group is prohibited.
  • Stealing, misusing, destroying, defacing or damaging College property or property belonging to someone else is prohibited.
  • Using College facilities, equipment, services or computers without authorization is also prohibited.
  • Storing, possessing or using real or replica firearms or other weapons, explosives, ammunition, or toxic or otherwise dangerous materials on College premises.
Prof. A. Nabachandra Singh

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